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Online Art Class

Can I learn art from anywhere?

Online art class is for our students who wants to take the class in remote.

This helps us to reach out for the students in East and West Coast.

We often get asked "Does online art class actually works?"

The answer is 'YES'!

Whether you want a private lesson or in group, non like other online art class, we still offer 1 on 1 tailored program for each student.

We group in 2 big categories. Grade 1-7 and Grade 8-12. Everyone in the class can work on individual projects with timeline or if you are interested in private group lesson we can also open up a session for it as well.


Digital Art Class

Digital art is a new medium which allow us to break the students and instructors in the physical location.

We share our screen to demo for our students and let them follow as well as take remote control to show them directly to guide drawing, animation and more!


Private Group Lesson

Online class with other students can be little frustrating for some students.

That is why we offer private or private group lesson with your friends.

Art is not just about the 'How-to' it's about the fun and interactive creation.


Fine Art Class

Fine art is no different than digital.

We bring the top-view camera to live demo for our students so we can work bring the skill level along with the creative and artistic ideas.

In the occasion of requesting the retouch of the drawing and painting we accept them via the mail back and forth to finish up the pieces.


College Consult

We believe art school sounds very nuisance to those who does not know well about the industry.

Online consult helps for those who are in need of professional advise such as GPA, Portfolio, College suggestion, Industry need, Income and more


Online Art Class
Accepting New
Students in USA

Online class is from Monday to Friday 7:30-10:30pm EST.

Each class is regulary booked with the students so make sure to ask us about the open spots if you are looking for the private online art lesson.

From the picture editing in Photoshop, unique visualization in Illustrator, motion graphic in After Effects and soothing story-telling in Premiere Pro, we have them all tailored just for you.

Our digital art studio is located in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

Online art class is for those who wants to take the class from home. Currently we have online students from all over USA: New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas and North Carolina.

Check out our gallery below.

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