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Traditional Art

aka Fine Art: Drawing, Painting, and Craft

Traditional art is often reffered as fine art. Fine art is a big term for anything that was created to visualize the imaginative and aesthetic content. As an art student this is related to foundation art (basic skill set), drawing, painting, collage, sculpting, and craft.

We believe a solid foundation is a key to level up our students. That is why 370 STUDIOS first focus with how to visualize the thoughts on a 2D plane world with the vast imaginative in 3D form and shape.


Foundation is the basic skill to understand the perspective, line, shape, form and value. There is night and day difference between knowing what it is. That is why we value the foundation art in our studio. All students will have a practice homework to further enhance their knowledge about the art foundation.


Understand the color, color theory and visual concept to create a colorful art piece.

Based on the foundation, water color, acrylic, and oil painting will be your next medium to explore.


Drawing is essential to understand and visualize the idea.

Sketch and render your imagination on the paper with us. Learn about the proportion, perspective, forms and shapes that will bring your artistic skill to the next level.

Collage, Clay Sculpting

Collage and sculpt are the medium that often neglected by the students because it requires a solid research, material study, sketch and mock up to create a finalized piece. We help our students with step-by-step in order to create a piece, but also to help them understand the how the materials work together.


Fine Art Class
At Your

Traditional art is a core element in art. It is heavily focused on fundamental of the basic skill set which we value in our studio. 

Our digital art studio is located in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

We also offer online class for those who wants to take the class from home. Currently we have online students from all over USA: New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas and North Carolina.

Check out our gallery below.

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