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Art Competition

Earn awards from prestigious art competition

Our students in 370 STUDIOS are outstanding from the art competitions.

Exceptional blend between the traditional art and digital art makes the unique taste of modern and contemporary art that draws attention from everyone.

Strong suite for out students really shines from the digital art where not many of the students have experience with. At 370 STUDIOS, we teach our students to build the future. We are at the stage where the Ai-generated programs are all over the place.

Taking the advantage of the new software and knowledge is key to the success.

We bring the Gold to your heart; Scholastic Art and writing, Ocean Awareness, Wildlife Art Contest, Celebrating Art, Sultan of Arts, and more.

Art with Digital

Our students have a strong suite to the digital art medium. Digital art is everywhere in our life from movei, advertisement, to Youtube.

Students have the chance to use various computer softwares to create creative art project such as animation, digital draw, graphic and video clips.

We encourage our students to work with digital art for the art competitions.



Art competitions are happening throughout the year.

Our students won various art awards from many prestigious competitions with unique art pieces.

Competitions bring new kind of themes to the students to explore.

Collaborating with

Local Cafe

Open Gallery

370 STUDIOS love to collaborate with the local community.

We collaborate with local cafe, library and restaurant to open a gallery for our students to showcase as well as to help build locals build up aesthetic place.

We bring our student works to the gallery, working with library and gallery exhibition.

Life, Death, and Beyond.jpg

Award Winning
Art Competition

From the picture editing in Photoshop, unique visualization in Illustrator, motion graphic in After Effects and soothing story-telling in Premiere Pro, we have them all tailored just for you.

Our digital art studio is located in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

Online art class is for those who wants to take the class from home. Currently we have online students from all over USA: New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas and North Carolina.

Check out our gallery below.

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