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Digital art class for adults!

370 STUDIOS offer specialized 1 on 1 curriculum for private tutoring.

We also offer home-visit tutoring for those who live in Palisades Park, Leonia, Ridgefield and Fort Lee area.

Students have hard time starting the digital art often due to too many options on digital medium. "What should I use? What do I need? How much is it?"

We can break down all the detailed information here, so YOU can focus on creating.

Digital art is a big category for anything that is DIGITAL.

We now have to dive deep into what kind of digital art you want to create.

Digital Drawing: We offer Ipad drawing class using Procreate and Procreate Dream (animation). This is the most simplest way for someone to initially start a digital drawing without investing too much money with high end Adobe Creative Clouds programs using PC or Macs. You can create, draw and color wherever you go! The endless creativity is awaiting for you.

Animation: Character development and animation are the most trending area in modern life. They are everywhere from ads, movie to our daily life. And people of all age loves them all! We use Procreate Dream and Adobe Animate to create 'Out-of-Box' animation for our students to develop, sketch, animate, and render!

Graphic Design: Graphic design is also known as GD for short term. From the billboard we see from NYC to the UI of little icons from our cell phones, graphic design is overflowing from our daily life. Our students use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create poster, logo, photo edit, character art, vector art, photo retouch, and so much more!

Motion Graphic: Mottion graphic is a mix of graphic design and animation. In our motion design course students need to know the fundamentals of design and illustration in order to create a stylistic graphic animation using Adobe After Effects.

Students will start with basic keyframing and move up their skill up to creating a own unique VFX effects on the video.

Video Editing: Video editing programs are everywhere since the digital era. However, we now need to talk about something 'Advanced' in terms of professional editing. Unlike the simple video editing apps on the market, our students learn with Adobe Premiere Pro, the leading industry standard video editing program to learn all about the post production.

Interested in taking digital art classes?

370 STUDIOS is here to make your dream come true. We help students to trive their goal and achieve higher artistic education.

Book your art lesson with 370 STUDIOS in Palisades Park for further information about the private art lesson.

370 art studio is located in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

Cell: 201.673.2146

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