Online Art Class/
온라인 수업

Online class is never been so easy and effective like this!

Our parents love to send kids to art studio, but what if you live far away from the studio you want to attend? No problem at all!

We offer online class to our students whether you choose to learn fine art or digital art.

​스튜디오에 못오시거나 멀리 사시더라도 온라인 수업으로 Quality있는 작품들을 만들어 나가세요. 저희 온라인 수업을 진행하고있는 학생들은 미국 서부, 중부, 동부 그리고 미국 외 타지에서도 있습니다.

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*Online student reference map

No matter where you are, you are able to choose us to move forward with your art career!

Same curriculum,
Same quality result

Take what you want whether it's fine art or digital you have the freedom to learn anything.

​파인아트이던 디지털아트이던 원하시는 어떤 수업이든 온라인으로 배우실수 있습니다.

Class Gallery/ 갤러리

Still not sure if you can learn from our online class? Take a look at our result!

​온라인 수업으로 잘 배울수 있을까 고민하시나요? 아래 온라인으로 배운 학생들 작품을 보실수 있습니다

How it work?/ 어떻게 진행되나요?

Tell us what
you want to learn

* College portfolio

* Art competition prep

* Art high-school portfolio

* Digital art

* Hobby painting & drawing

Enjoy & learn

Enjoy teacher's demo, create

your amazing work.

Review homework and more!

Find the spot

Find the right schedule

*Schedule will change based on

the time of the year

online- class

Come join online class.

We will put you into separate

room so you will learn and

work on your art as it works just

like 'in-person' lesson

Class Schedule/ 수업 스케줄

Tuesday - Friday 8pm EST - 11pm EST

Please note the online class schedule may change it's time based on the demand and during Summer/ Winter season