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College Portfolio

Portfolio: Visualize the dream

370 STUDIOS focuses on the preparation of finished portfolio pieces in a variety of media and approaches. The class includes one-on-one tailored guide and counseling prepared towards each student’s individual major and admission requirements.

Student will receive a professionally photographed digital portfolio of the work before the application, ensuring the best state of Ready-To-Apply.

What is art portfolio?

Why do you need it?

Art Portfolio is a visual set of art works showcasing students' ability to creativly visualize their idea onto either 2D or 3D surface.

For the most Art Schools, General Portfolio is required as standard. The general portfolio consist of foundational skill, creative workflow, and critical thinking of perspective. Portfolio is more than 50% of what Art School is looking for and students have a chance to strike for Merit Scholarship which is based on the quality and creativity of the portfolio work.


Art Porfolio is not just for art students. Regular Universities also look out for the art portfolio as a supplemental options. This is possible because Universities also want to see how students used the different mediums to illustrate what they want to tell from the piece related to the major students chose.

During the program students will revisit the fundamentals of drawing, painting, digital, and other materials to fine tune their ability to portray the idea.

Art Colleges / General Portfolio

General Art Portfolio consist of 15-20 pieces including:

  • observation pieces drawn from life

  • self-portrait

  • still life

  • imaginary works

  • Perspective


Supplement Art

Most universities including ivys have optional 'Art Supplements' detailing your interest and contribution to a certain majoring using a creative visuals.

Our students prepare 14-16 pieces for Supplement Art including any type of mediums including digital art: digital painting, animation, motion graphic, graphic design, film, and photography.

20231031_190901n sm.jpg

Complete the
Art Portoflio

Online and on-site class are available for Art Portfolio and Supplement Class.

We strongly recommend taking both Art Portfolio and Supplement Class on-site to experience the best tailored curriculum and live demo.

Our art studio is located in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

Currently we have online students from all over USA: New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas and North Carolina, and Delaware.

Check out our gallery below.

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