Art Competition/ 미술 대회


Create & Establish your personal pieces

Our students get the most out of the art competition with high quality art pieces.

Below are some of the art competition we participated and got awards

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Why participate in art competition?

Participating in art competition helps the students to work with each individual theme and get to see how other peers work around from the same idea.

Also winning the art awards boots our students' love and passion for art. Most importantly, students have an extra line to put into their resume to standout from other students!

May the 'Basic skill' be with us

We do not let our students to have loosen up basic skills. We always help our students to have strong foundational skills and be prepare for the college portfolio as well.


Aim for the BEST!

Increase the creativity and artistic resume with fun and engaging art classes.

Art Competition Prep class helps your child to explore different mediums and skills to create amazing art pieces. Win and dominate art competition with us and increase the title lines in the resume too!

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